Senior TINAPA Official Plunges To Death


Even as the touted African Premier Business and Leisure Resort, TINAPA, Calabar is finding it hard to commence full operations, misfortune has continued to dog the resort.

A senior staff of the Resort, Amanze Alex Edoa Odigie, has been reported dead after taking a risky plunge from a four storey building after he was chased by the mother of the puppy dog he went to buy from a Japanese resident in the city.

Mr. Odigie who hail, from Edo state was married to the daughter of the immediate past state chairman of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Ntufam Ekpo Okon and was resident at Ekorinim axis of the city.

He reportedly left his house hale and hearty to acquire a puppy from a Japanese woman resident in Calabar South and on arrival at the premises of the expatriate, he reportedly went up the stairs to the top floor of the four storey building to make his choice out the variety of puppies that were available.

After completing the process of negotiation and payment for the puppy, it was gathered his host peacefully handed one of the young dogs to him but when Mr Odigie was about to take his exit, a wild English dog, the mother of the puppy he just bought leapt at him.

The dreadful dog reportedly sent some jitters into his spine, as he unconsciously took a dive from the top floor of the high-rise downwards and ended up dead.

Mrs Odogie who was weeping uncontrollably, told PM NEWS that the death of her husband was not a “natural incident as he was not known for taking irrational decision since we got married.”

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She attributed his death to some spiritual manipulations, saying the man would have been alive if he had remained calm and allowed the dog to bite him and rather go to hospital for treatment.

She said: “ witches only used the dog as weapon to achieve their time tested plot against my husband- they have finally succeeded in killing my husband who is the only source of my joy. The Almighty God who sees even in secret and punishes evil men, will surely avenge his death”.

Meanwhile sources at the headquarters of the Cross River State Police Command, Calabar said the police authorities were ready to prosecute the white woman for failing to control her wild dog, but the family of the deceased said she should not be punished, as it was an accident.

The couple was said to have lived less than six months in Ekorinim village, as the bereaved woman said they were compelled to relocate from Ikot Ansa residence as a result of spiritual attacks, recurring health problems and financial setbacks.

Mr. Odogie was said to be over six feet tall, but shrank to a dwarf in death, as a result of some alteration of his bones which pulled out from the waist and knee sockets.

According to her, they were advised by their priest in the Roman Catholic church to relocate in order to break the curses and channels of attack. But, unknown to them, they were moving to the a death trap which the enemy had prepared for the man.

By Emma Una, Calabar

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