CNPP Slams Lagos Doctors Over Strike


The Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), Lagos State Chapter, has slammed doctors in the state for their refusal to back down on an indefinite industrial action called by the Medical Guild over a week ago.

The CNPP said it was sad that the doctors had remained stubborn over the action while residents of the state are dying due to lack of medical attendance or inability to get treated for ailments that the doctors were supposed to handle.

The CNPP in a statement titled ‘Stop The Daily Loss Of Lives In Lagos State Hospitals,’ asked the doctors to immediately return to work.

The statement, signed by four senior officials of the group including its state chairman, Akin Obadia, and Secretary, Pastor Ayo Akintayo, stressed: “we, the Conference of Nigeria Political Parties (CNPP), Lagos State Chapter, wish to reiterate our great displeasure and total condemnation of the continuous strike of medical doctors in the service of Lagos State people and their hospitals.

“The doctors should respect the sanctity of lives and their Hippocratic oath which guides the medical profession.”

The CNPP reminded the striking doctors that the oath emphasises that the doctors must do everything to avoid the death of patients irrespective of their grievances or socio-economic status and also finish every medical procedure they start on any patient or discharge or refer the patient to another health facility.

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The statement wondered if there was any justification for the doctors to embark on an industrial action when they are ordinarily the highest paid civil servants in the state civil service.

“It is noteworthy to reveal that doctors alone consume 60 per cent of the total annual recurrent expenditure of the State.

“From our research, also as at today, fresh doctors, who are House Officers, earn N173, 927. 33 monthly, while Consultants earn N801, 985. 09 monthly, excluding their teaching allowances.

“They (the doctors) are to stop death, reduce pain and discomfort so that they can be at peace when they go to their maker,” the CNPP said, urging the doctors to resume without delay the negotiations they are having with the government while they go back to work for the sake of the people of the state.

It also tasked the State Government to make efforts at getting the doctors back to work.

—Eromosele Ebhomele