Celebration Of Days In Office: ACN Slams PDP


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described as ignorant and childish the criticisms levelled by Lagos PDP on the governor’s celebration of his days in office.

The party says that what remains of Lagos PDP is afflicted by the misplaced belief that it will enact non existing strength and acceptance with the people of Lagos by living in denial of the great things happening in Lagos at present.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party slammed PDP, saying it has nothing to point to as achievement in Nigeria after twelve years and resources running into over a hundred trillion naira for thinking it will gain relevance by denying that the ACN government in Lagos has recorded immutable milestones in its stay in power in Lagos.

The party advises the PDP to first go and atone to Nigerians for prosecuting the destruction of a rich and vibrant country than making embarrassingly ignorant statements with the hope that it will pay in its wild dream of capturing Lagos.

“We know that in making that spurious allegation, Lagos PDP misconstrued these celebrations, which are no more than fruitful engagement with vital stakeholders in Lagos, the PDP was ruled by the belief that celebration tantamount to the many revelries and wild orgies the party has made a fundamental principle of state policy since 1999. We want to educate them that what they are childishly laboring to criticise are meaningful forums that offer the governor an opportunity to report to select stakeholders and take their feedback. It is understandable why such would not appeal to a party that sees power merely as opportunity to wine, dine, make merry and share booty.

“While we insist that the PDP that has excelled in ruining Nigeria these past thirteen years of unrestrained destruction is the least qualified to talk about performance in government, we want to let Lagos PDP know that Fashola is celebrating milestones Lagosians will ever see as a golden era in the annals of the state’s history,” the party stated.

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It added: “We want to let PDP know that unlike their party and its so-called governments that are seized with unending profligacy, the celebration of days by Fashola’s government are only meant as strategic engagement forums between the governor and different segments of the Lagos society. We want to educate them that what they call celebrations are no more than sessions of strategic engagement where the government renders account and takes important input from these critical stakeholders for the betterment of Lagos.

“In the celebration of his first 100 days, Fashola engaged the Youths, in his 900 Days, he engaged the Artisans. In his 1,000 Days, he engaged the Public Service, while in the 1,100 Days, he engaged members of the Diplomatic Community. In the 1,200 Days, Fashola engaged the Organized Private Sector while in the 1,300 Days to 1,700 Days, he engaged the general public. In the 1,800 Days, he engaged The Professionals and we dare say these meaningful engagements have improved transparency in the governance of Lagos, enriched Lagos and are not empty and senseless lavishing of public funds, which the PDP understands as celebration.

“Lagos ACN is surprised that the PDP, which will try to export the culture of idleness and slothfulness to Lagos by closing down Lagos on a busy working day for a meaningless jamboree where public fund was freely lavished is the party now feeling so uncomfortable about such periodic engagements, as Fashola’s celebration of his days in office . We know that reporting back to the people does not matter to the PDP; neither does it care about drawing input from the people to improve governance as Governor Fashola does in the celebration of his days in power.

“Is it any wonder that PDP, which engages in endless revelry as governance has so wrecked Nigeria that its leading lights now dismiss Nigeria as a failed nation, that is comparable to Somalia? This is what they plan to import to Lagos and why they have chosen to construct for themselves a deceptive empire where they will live in perpetual denial of the great achievements that Lagos has recorded in the midst of the waste laying they have levied on Nigeria these past thirteen years.

“We know that the Lagos PDP is struck by a credibility crisis and the complete lack of home support it enjoys in Lagos has led it to believe that ranting ignorantly over issues it hardly understands will give it electoral currency that will engineer a miraculous takeover of Lagos for the purpose of milking, which the party excels in. But we want Lagos PDP to go to the ants, like the sluggard it is, consider its ways and be wise to the fact that Lagosians know so well about PDP to fall for its antics. At least the wreckage they have left in Nigeria these past thirteen years is enough to warn any person that would wish to give the PDP hemlock a second look. We want to assure them that Lagosians are wiser to their antics.”