FG Tackles Wrecks, Abandoned Ships


The Minister of Transport, Senator Idris Umar has stated that the threats constituted by wrecks and abandoned ships on our waters require urgent attention.

Towards this the Minister has inaugurated a committee to, among others, ensure full compliance and implementation of the entire process of wrecks removal and receivership in line with the relevant Acts establishing the NPA, NIMASA and NIWA, and to ensure that other critical wrecks within Nigerian territorial waters are identified for immediate removal by the relevant agencies.

“A lot of hoodlums and criminals also take advantage of these abandoned ships and wrecks to commit all kinds of criminal activities,” he said.

Apart from the committee on wrecks/scraps removal monitoring, Senator Idris Umar also inaugurated six other committees on Budget Implementation/Capital Project Monitoring Committee, Internally Generated Revenue/ Financial Review Committee, Cabotage Implementation Monitoring Committee, Stevedoring/ Jetty Review Committee and Concessions Agreement Review/ Concessionaires Performance Monitoring Committee with their varying terms of references.

—Esther Komolafe

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