NPA, NRC Collaborate On Rail Network


Worried by the rampant cases of cargo congestion at the nation’s seaports, NPA has made a case for the establishment of an intermodal connectivity to the rail lines and seaports.

In collaboration with the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC), NPA has initiated rehabilitation and standardization of all rail networks within the major ports facilities with a view to enhancing speedy cargo delivery.

Messrs CCECC Nigeria Limited has been awarded a contract worth N860,657,797.23 to commence intermodal connectivity of sea ports to the rail lines.

With the massive infrastructural development of port facilities, there have been increased vessel calls at the Nigerian ports which are engendered by quick turn-around time of vessels.

This development has resulted in high cargo throughput from 42m in 2006 to 82m in 2011 with increased revenue generation into the government coffers.

If the NPA can sustain the current momentum in port infrastructural development, the Nigerian ports, in no distant future, will achieve its dream of becoming the hub for maritime activities in the West and Central African region.

—Esther Komolafe

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