Sack Of Doctors: ACN Blasts Critics Of Lagos Govt


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has chastised groups and individuals who have launched attacks on the Lagos State government for disengaging the services of striking doctors as hypocritical to the wellbeing of the people of Lagos. The party says if a fraction of the efforts made presently to demonise the Lagos State government had been put into seeking a resolution of the doctors’ crisis, the situation would not have degenerated to this stage.

In a release signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says it is surprised that people who did not see anything wrong with the decision of Lagos doctors to shun work and subject Lagos patients to health danger and death are now the most vociferous in attacking the Lagos State government for not acceding to the selfish demands of the doctors.

It restates its support for the government action and insists it is in the best interest of Lagosians and the state health sector.

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“As a party, functioning in a democratic system, we feel it is within the purview of the people to have their say in a matter like this. We, however, do not see the reason for the calculated effort to blackmail and smear the Lagos State government over this decision, which was taken to save the state health sector from deliberate hostage by doctors who have found it so attractive to embark on incessant strikes to press for selfish reasons while the health sector was exposed to danger and the lives of Lagosians unnecessarily put to risk. As a responsible government, Lagos State government would not have allowed the health sector remain in this state of abandonment since it had made it clear that it cannot attend to the selfish demands of the intransigent doctors.

“We are surprised that groups and individuals who were aware of the many peace moves the Lagos State government made to placate the striking doctors are the people that are now running the Lagos State government down for not agreeing to meet every demand by the doctors. It is amazing that groups and individuals that remained aloof as the state government made hefty concessions to the doctors when they embarked on a prolonged strike some months ago are the ones taking up arms against the government for not allowing itself to be trapped in the cage of meeting the incessant demands for perks by the Lagos [email protected] The party added: “We are surprised that groups and individuals that refused to intervene and call the Lagos doctors to order for the clearly unprofessional manner they down tools on very flimsy grounds to press for demands that have no bearing to efficient health delivery in Lagos, are the ones now unleashing heavy dose of propaganda against the state government for calling the bluff of these doctors and saving the critical health sector from imminent collapse.

“We are happy that the Lagos State government has opened a vista of further negotiation with the doctors and has expressed the desire to re-engage the doctors. We urge the doctors to take up this generous lifeline and get reabsorbed to the Lagos health sector. We urge the people of Lagos to remain steadfast in their support to the Fashola administration to ensure that Lagos State is made habitable for all. We call on all hands to be on deck in the realisation of this lofty goal.”