Phelps Eyes History


Michael Phelps knows what’s on his schedule this summer.

Just don’t ask him to share it.

“Can I ask a question? Why is it such a big deal what I’m swimming?” Phelps said Sunday. “You guys ask me every time.”

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Yes, four years after winning a record eight gold medals in Beijing, Phelps remains the indisputable star of the U.S. Olympic team. His lone availability at the USOC’s media summit drew a full house, with reporters eager to know everything from what he plans on swimming at the London Olympics to whether he’s climbed the famed “Incline,” a training trail at the base of the mountains near Colorado Springs, Colo.

No wonder he and coach Bob Bowman are determined to keep a few things to themselves.

“If we say what he’s going to swim and he changes it, then we have to have another one of these to explain why,” Bowman said.

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