Mass Exodus Looms At Rangers International


Rangers coach Jaffer Gichuki is set to lead a major players exodus at cash strapped and struggling Rangers who have been suffering from major financial hiccups.

Rangers have been struggling in the Kenyan premier league with players barely able to pay their bills leading to a deep in morale and form.

Coach Gichuki did not mince his words as he said he will be leaving in the June transfer window together with other players in what could could spell doom to the side that is deep in relegation zone.

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“I can confirm to you I will be leaving Rangers together with other players since It is impossible to give good performance in an empty stomach and yet we have families that depend on us”

“We have been more than patient but it comes a time where we have to move on and search for greener pastures to be able to survive”a bitter Japher Gichuki told

Jaffer Gichuki was appointed two months ago after the sacking of then coach Ezekiel Akwana and later James Nandwa was appointed as the Technical Director.