Airtel Creates 100 Millionaires Soon


Telecommunications service provider, Airtel Nigeria, has begun another exciting consumer mega SMS promotion tagged “Free Millionaires Club”, which will transform 100 customers into instant millionaires while 500 others will step up their social status with the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 Reloadedtabletscomplete with free200MB worth of data bundled on this ultra-modern, slim Android device.

For the first time in the history of Nigeria’s telecoms industry, Airtel has provided a window for customers to enjoy free entry into the N1, 000,000 (one million naira) daily draw for the first seven days of subscription without any charge.

To register and participate in the Airtel Free Millionaire promo, customers should simply send the keyword “FREE” to the short code 3030. Customers will enjoy a seven day FREE participation period in winning the N1million. A charge of N100 daily applies thereafter and subscribers will be automatically awarded 10 tickets to increase their chances of winning in the daily draws. Those who do not have N100 in their account will be charged N50 to qualify for the draw but will earn half of the full 10 tickets.

Subscribers to the promo can further increase their chances of becoming millionaires or owners of Samsung Galaxy 7.0 Reloaded tablets by engaging in the question and answer trivia game for N10 per SMS by sending the keyword ”OK” to the short code 4040.

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Every day, the three top players with the highest score in the trivia will be awarded with a Samsung Galaxy tablet each, while they keep their full chances of winning the N1 million.

Announcing the promo, Airtel’s Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director, Deepak Srivastava, said the latest promo is another opportunity for the company to create fun and excitement for its customers and also reward them financially and materially for their loyalty to the brand.

—Henry Ojelu