Olympic Weightlifting: Federation Yet To Name Lifters


As most federations are rounding off on their team selection, the same cannot be said of the Nigeria Weightlifting Federation, NWF, which is yet to decide over the choice of lifters to present for the Olympic Games.

Weightlifting in the past has been a stronghold for Nigeria at the Olympics, but if the words coming from the NWF Chief Coach, Patrick Bassey, are anything to come by, then the sports-loving Nigerians may have to exercise a little patience before they can know the lifters that will fly the country’s flag at the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Bassey said the concern of the federation at the moment is not about naming the two lifters that will represent the country, but to get the best from the four that are currently in camp.

“Our major concern at the moment is how to get the best lifters that will represent Nigeria at the London Olympics. We want to make sure that we go to London with the best lifters that can perform for the country,” said Bassey.

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He said: “My concern at the moment is the one to pick from the two female lifters that are in camp. And the same situation is applicable to the men in which I have to pick one lifter from the two in camp.”

The coach said further that this is not the time for the federation to be excited on the lifters that will represent the country, adding that the body has its hands full at the moment.

“This is not the time to start mentioning the names of the two lifters that will go to London. This is not the proper time to do that because the four athletes in camp are fighting to secure the two slots that the country will feature in London,” concluded Bassey.

—Bimbo Ajayi

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