LG Unveils New Google TV


Although the Google TV platform, which uses the Android operating system and Google’s Chrome browser, hasn’t met with much success, LG will try to change that situation with a new G2 series of 3D LCD TVs that will be available later this month. The company is showing the TVs now at the Internet Week conference in New York.

Initially, there will be two models: a 47-inch set for $1,700 and a 55-inch set that will sell for $2,300. LG says these TVs will be the first Google TVs to include a dual-core processor.

The sets will also have a quad-core graphics processor and come with a five-mode, gesture-based Magic Remote that includes a QWERTY keyboard, and a wheel for scrolling through Web pages, menus, and applications.

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The TVs also include built-in Wi-Fi, with access to an app called TV & Movies for accessing streaming services.

The TVs also have YouTube, Google’s Chrome browser, and access to the Google Play apps market. The TVs’ main interface, called the Home Dashboard, has been designed to accommodate Google TV, and content menus can be customised by users.

The TVs also include LG’s passive Cinema 3D technology and come with six sets of glasses.