Don Urges FG To Fight Corruption


Professor Benedict Ijomah on Tuesday urged the Federal Government to step up the fight against corruption.

Ijomah, a former lecturer in Political Science at the Delta State University, Abraka, made the call at a one-day conference on “Enthronement of Enduring Constitutionalism and Good Governance” in Abuja.

The don, in his lead paper entitled, “Good Governance and Security: Issues and Challenges”, described corruption as a major challenge to the advancement of sustainable development and good governance in the country.

“There is no doubt that corruption has become a major issue in our lives; it has affected and it continues to affect so many aspects of our economy.”

Ijomah said the level of corruption in the country has made it difficult to attract foreign direct investment flow.

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He also said that there was a relationship between good governance and national security.

“When a country is well governed, the fear of insecurity dissipates because the government has no reason to be afraid of insurrection or any violent opposition.

“Good governance entails a political system in which the leadership is responsive, transparent and accountable to the citizens.

“Good governance entails respect for the constitution and the rule of law by all, including the head of state, governors, high public officials and political representatives.” Ijomah also said that good governance required fair distribution of the national wealth so that all citizens, groups, states and regions of the country could benefit.

“An imbalance in the distribution of the national wealth tends to lead to insecurity because those who are left out are likely to react in a manner that threatens national security.”