Engineer Suggests Ways To Tackle Insecurity


A civil engineer, Saint Eyitayo Baba Ikuomola, has said that the only way Nigeria can overcome the insecurity that has ravaged the northern part of the country and Abuja in the last couple of months, is for Nigerians to shun nepotism, tribalism and religioun fanatism and to see themselves as one big family.

Saint Ikuomola who disclosed this at a press conference held at Feminar Cafe, Ikeja, Lagos, Southwest Nigeria, explained that he has the mandate, capability and capacity to rebrand Nigeria and the world by counselling everybody to be divine.

“It is my pleasure to congratulate Nigerians and the entire human race on this planet earth for having me as a ‘living saint’ in this life time; with the divine authority to make Nigeria and the whole world divine. I’m not a spiritual or religious protagonist or leader. I’m just a divine person, a saint.

“I have the divine inspiration to come out and declare to Nigerians and the whole world that I have been given the authority and capacity to make Nigeria and the world a divine place through public seminars, programmes, leaflets, tracks, press release, public pronouncements and practical contact with the saint at no cost,” he said.

Speaking on the benefits of the divine social programme, Saint Ikuomola said, ”majorly, it will enhance man’s spiritual and physical plans to a greater height and help to maintain peaceful co-existence and good social life in the whole universe. It will allow/remind the religionists to know and understand that they are equal and the same person with the other man; that the creator is inside every man.

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“It will stop the government and individual’s act of inhumanity. It will allow good security and higher understanding among men and reduce the risk to life and property. It will assist the government at all levels to drastically reduce the expenses on security and allow for good and purposeful governance.

“It will also enable the mental ability of man to develop to a higher level for peace to reign and for environmental development as well as enable man to live longer and have a purposeful life. It will enable man to be sure of heaven in this life time,” he assured.

He said he commenced the liberation of the world from unnecessary destruction and exposition of the bad and evil ones since June 2009.

“I have begged for Nigeria as a whole to be set free from the blockage of bad and spiritual leaders and their unpleasant aura. I have also been begging for a good head at the federal level, and that the best person shall always win from now on,” he said.

—Jamiu Yisa