'Dialogue, Answer To Boko Haram'


A call has gone to President Goodluck Jonathan to initiate dialogue with the deadly Islamic sect, Boko Haram, wreaking havoc in Abuja and northern states of the federation.

Making this appeal in Lagos, a civil engineer and Chief Executive of Ebik Nigeria Limited, a construction company, Saint Eyitayo Baba Ikuomola, said Nigerians should not regard members of the sect as their enemies but to reach out to them to stop the bombings in the country.

“Nigerians should remember that members of the Boko Haram are their brothers and sisters. They need your assistance. The best way to stop the killings in the land is to engage them in a divine way.

“On my own part, I have to intervene to solve the crisis. As a father, I have sent somebody to them. We have to find a way of settling this crisis. Having attained that messianic consciousness, I have to take care of everybody. I have been able to realise myself as a messiah,” Ikuomola stated.

He appealed to President Goodluck Jonathan to contact him for soultion to the general insecurity in the country.

“Jonathan should get in touch with me. He shouuld come to me and I will give him the grace to succeed. I am not a spiritualist or religionist. I don’t have a church. I want everybody to be liberated. God is a spirit, He is in me, He is in you. We are what we are today because we have not been able to merge with the spirit of God,” Ikuomola stated.

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He described Nigeria as the new holy place, adding that God was interested in Nigeria and that was why the country had not imploded despite the numerous crises facing it.

“We have to realise our divine nature. Man is divine by nature. Man has to be divine to realise the wishes of God. I have realised my own divine nature and that is why I am a saint. I have attained that status through painstaking rediscovery of myself.

“My aim is to liberate everybody from ignorance. God is a spirit, He is in me and you. It is because we have not been able to merge with him that we are having problems.”

On what can be done to put an end to the insecurity rocking the country, Ikuomola called for a dialogue with christians, muslims and others to put an end to the killings in the land.

“Religionists are the ones causing problems. Christians and muslims are brothers. There should be no hypocrisy. I am calling for the resuscitation of divinity in man,” he added.

On his assessment of Governor Fashola in the last five years in office, Ikumola commended him for staying focussed and bringing the dividends of democracy to the doorstep of the people.