Nestle Launches Association For Food Vendors


In a bid to increase market share and broaden its Nutrition, Health and Wellness business platform, Nestlé has launched Maggi Fast Food Association of Nigeria (MAFFAN) in Port Harcourt, Rivers State. The association comprises food operators that favour the use of Maggi in cooking.

Speaking at the event, the Nestlé Professional Manager, Mrs Lola Ekwere, said the association would serve as a platform for fast food operators to interact with the Maggi brand and also afford them the opportunity to learn more about the Out-of-Home expertise provided by Nestlé.

She added that Maggi has become part of Nigeria’s cooking culture, delighting consumers with Maggi Star, Maggi Chicken, Maggi Crayfish and Maggi MixPy (Classic and Ginger and Garlic variants).

The Branded Food Services Manager, Nestlé Professional, Mrs Joanne Ewhe, said owners of the small-scale eateries are an important segment of the Nigerian economy as they create jobs, some of them employing as much 40 persons.

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She said: “The Maggi Fast Food Association of Nigeria idea was created to ensure that fast food operators use and consume the product, to celebrate them, to say thank you for using Maggi powder and to say thank you for being a part of our success story.”

The Maggi seasoning powder is an addition to the Maggi range of products and it is targeted at satisfying the varying needs of consumers and giving them a wider range of choice, most especially the fast food operators.

The Maggi seasoning powder comes in packets of 800 grammes and is available in Maggi Star, Maggi Chicken and Maggi Crayfish.

—Henry Ojelu