Crashed Plane’s Engines Packed Up —Demuren


The two engines of the Dana Air plane that crashed in Lagos on Sunday, killing all 152 people on board, failed before it went down, the civil aviation chief said Monday.

“They declared mayday,” Harold Demuren told AFP.

“The reason was that the two engines failed,” he said, adding that the cause was not yet clear.

Meanwhile, the flight data recorder and cockpit data recorder or black boxes of of the crashed plane has been found, the Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, has said.

The spokesperson of AIB, Mr. Tunji Oketunbi, released the pictures of the black box Monday evening.

“The flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder (black boxes) were recovered Monday from the wreckage and handed over to AIB officials,” Oketunbi said.

Meanwhile, Nigerian rescuers have confirmed the first deaths on the ground caused by a devastating plane crash in the country’s largest city, raising the toll to 157, an official said on Tuesday.

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The death toll rose after rescuers confirmed the deaths of at least four people from a residential building in the Lagos neighbourhood where the Dana Air MD83 crashed on Sunday afternoon, in addition to the 153 crew and passengers, the official said.

“A couple died while their children survived, then a woman and her daughter,” the official said on condition of anonymity because he was not authorised to provide figures.

The number of deaths could rise further as searches continue at the site near the airport, particularly amid the ruins of the two-storey residential building.

Rains prevented work from resuming early Tuesday, with fears that the remains of the building could collapse.

The victims include a number of foreigners, including six Chinese, an Indian and an unclear number of Americans. The pilot was an American and the co-pilot was Indian, the country’s civil aviation chief has said.

Rescue officials have said the body of a woman was discovered on Monday clutching her baby.

—Simon Ateba