Malware infection cleared from


The latest malware report by our internet security company shows that is now free from malware.

Please click the link: to confirm this.

Google has been contacted about this clean bill of health but Google insists it will take time to completely remove all the malware pages from search results.

So,some visitors to our site might still see the warning. But they can proceed to view the content without any danger of infection, our technical support crew assure.

Google Sunday reported the presence of malware on some of the pages on our site, planted by yet to be identified hackers.

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Google promptly blocked our site to visitors warning that some content on our site could damage their computers.

Management and our technical partners immediately went to work trying to excise the malware from our network.
The technical team succeeded in detecting and removing the malware and malicious code on PMNEWS

The good news is that Google, in its latest ‘safe browsing diagnostic page for the pmnews site also gave the site a clean bill, saying it is not ”currently listed as suspicious”.

We are however still awaiting Google’s whitelisting of the site.