Varsity Don Charges Science Students


A university don, Professor J.S. Sadiku, has observed that it is only when an individual can combine his knowledge and creativity to solve human problems that he can be said to be a scientist. He made this observation recently at the end of the first Computer Science Exhibition organised by the National Association of Computer Science Students.
Prof. Sadiku said software engineers provide solution to different challenges facing human beings in their day-to-day life, disclosing that many students of Computer Science have been very impressive in proving their competence in this regard.
He noted that the laptop technology has given students the opportunity to acquire the skills which they have demonstrated at the programme.
He urged the students to continue in their pursuit of excellence adding that he was proud of his students who had demonstrated knowledge at the event. He encouraged students of Computer Science to continue to develop software and noted that if they do not get employed immediately after graduation, they still have the opportunity to earn a living through the programmes that they write.
The varsity don noted that in this era of technology, computer scientists have opportunities to make a good living and recalled that as a young graduate in the 80s, he sought work in Lagos State and the task that was first given to him was to design a programme for staff payroll.
One of the resource persons at the occasion, Mr. John Kayode of Kahfit Consults advised the computer science students not to stop at being good programmers but to also be good software developers by listening to the demands in the market.
He also enjoined the students to follow the trend in the software world by paying attention to the knowledge of oracle applications because oracle has been acquiring and cloning software developed by its competitors.

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