Disaster averted on expressway triggers calls for truck ban


Some residents of Nigeria’s commercial city of Lagos have called on the state government to ban the movement of trailers during the daytime, following Saturday’s accident involving a fuel-laden tanker near Berger Bus Stop on the Lagos-Ibadan Expressway.

The timely arrival of firefighters and FRSC officials prevented what could have been a major fire disaster, as the tanker emptied its content on the expressway.

The accident caused traffic gridlock on both sides of the highway as firemen made frantic efforts to prevent the spilled fuel from catching fire.

Mr Dele Omogboyega, a civil servant, told NAN at the scene of the accident that most of the accidents on the expressway were caused by heavy-duty trucks.

He urged the state government to ban heavy-duty trucks and articulated vehicles from travelling on the highway during the day.

“Almost everyday, accidents on this road are caused by tankers and we want government to ban them from moving on the road during the day because we are fed up with this nuisance,” he said.

Under, the civilian government of Alhaji Lateef Jakande(1979-83), Lagos made such a law, restricting tanker and heavy duty truck movement to between midnight and 6a.m.

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Omogboyega noted that most of the tankers were not roadworthy and urged road traffic authorities to intervene and stop the anomaly so as to prevent continued loss of lives on the roads.

However, Mr Shakiru Ishola, a commercial driver, particularly blamed the accidents on the Lagos-Ibadan expressway on the recklessness of the trailer drivers.

“Most of the trailer drivers have no regard for traffic rules and regulations; they are always inconsiderate of other road users,” he said.

Ishola also urged the state government to ban the movement of tankers during the day so as to reduce accidents on the road.

Mrs Bosede Oloyede, a businesswoman, nonetheless, commended the firefighters for their prompt response, adding that it could have been very catastrophic if the accident had provoked an inferno.

“ I have spent more than two hours in this traffic gridlock as a result of the tanker that fell but we thank God that no life was lost.

“The Federal Government should construct special lanes for heavy-duty trucks just like the BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) lane constructed by the Lagos State Government,” she said.