Mixed Fortunes For Businesses In Kyiv


Euro 2012 is turning out to be a disappointment for some restaurants and pubs in the city center, while other businesses are predictably seeing an increase in sales.

But in any case, businesspeople say that the government’s expectations that tourists will spend up to $1.5 billion is unrealistic.

Handily located across the street from the Vladimir Lenin statue on Shevchenko Boulevard, Prego restaurant seems like it should be catching more business than usual. Instead, it’s losing customers because roads are closed off and extra days off mean that their regular business clients are nowhere to be found.

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“Over the last several days, our sales have gone down by some 30 percent since we’ve lost our Ukrainian clientele, who can’t drive up and park near the restaurant,” said one staff member, who declined to be identified because he was not clearly authorized to talk about the business. “Certainly, we have more fans among our clients, but they do not order much food, only bear and some pizza.”

Prego’s staff say they did not expect to see more clients from Euro 2012, except perhaps during the finals on July 1.