Former Drug Cheat In British Team


David Millar was selected in Great Britain’s provisional road squad for the London Olympics on Wednesday but Dave Brailsford, the GB performance director, said that the Scot’s doping ban six years ago would still be a factor as to whether he made the final team of five.

“What I have to do in terms of selecting the final team is to consider whether anybody will have a negative impact on the group dynamic or even themselves,” Braislford said as he unveiled his cycling squad for London.

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“You could argue that it will be such an emotional and challenging thing to go through the he might not cope. Who knows? The BOA has changed its policy. It’s a story, an issue and change to what has happened in the past.

“After the last match has been played at Wimbledon fortnight, the gaze of the media will be firmly on the Games and one of the stories a lot of people will want to write could be about Dave Millar participating on the first day of the London Games in the first event. It would be remiss of me not to consider whether that could have an impact.”