The Police We Desire



From all indications, the desire of the acting Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Abubakar, to reform the police is on course with the announcement that the Federal Government will provide much of the needed funds to make this a reality.

In all, N1.5 trillion is said to be required to reform the police force which is in dire need of modern equipment and weapons to enable the officers and men discharge their duties effectively. Of this amount, the Federal Government is to provide 32 percent while the state and local governments are to contribute 28 percent. The private sector is expected to provide the balance of 40 percent.

Vice President Namadi Sambo made this disclosure at the recent meeting of the Committee on the Interim Implementation of the Reform of the Nigeria Police. If everything works well, it is expected that this huge funding will turn around the dismal fortunes of the Police Force and equip the officers and men to decisively combat the rising crime wave and criminality across the country.

Since the civil war, there has been no time in our nation’s history that it has faced such a huge security challenge as we are witnessing today. Terrorism, kidnapping, armed robbery and other violent crimes are so rampant that they have overwhelmed our police force which is too ill-equipped to confront these crimes.

Since his appointment as acting Inspector-General of Police, Abubakar has demonstrated that he is serious about reforming the police force. He has dismantled the notorious police checkpoints across the country to the delight of Nigerian motorists who pay bribes at such checkpoints in addition to needlessly losing many hours at the checkpoints due to police harassment and high-handedness.

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Abubakar has also showed seriousness in improving the welfare of the officers and men in order to boost their morale to serve the people better. This police boss needs the support and encouragement of all Nigerians to enable him carry out the much needed reform.

Though the police and other security agencies are facing daunting challenges of curbing the spate of bombings by Boko Haram extremists, kidnappings, etc., Abubakar appears to be sincere in his reform campaign and has spared no effort in carrying this out.

He is aware of the decrepit state of police colleges across the country and has promised to refurbish them. We believe that it is only a well trained cop that can effectively carry out his job without resorting to molesting innocent citizens to extort money.

Thus, the reform should produce the police we desire. The police must be pro-active, civil in their dealings with the civil populace; those we can confide in and give useful information about crimes and criminals; well trained and equipped officers and men whose morale is very high.  Let there be a police force Nigerians can be proud of, ready to assist and associate with.

Above all, the number of policemen should be increased significantly in relation to the country’s huge population. With less than one million policemen, how can a nation of 157 million people be properly policed?

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