21 Houses For Demolition At Dana Plane Crash Site


At 21 houses situated in Ishaga Area in Ifako/Ijaiye Local Government area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria near the Dana airline crash site may be demolished.

Investigations revealed that during a test conducted by the officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Urban and Regional Planning, it was discovered that over 21 houses were damaged as a result of the impact caused by the plane crash.

The Chairman of the Akande Community Development Association, (CDA) Adewale Oriowo who was conducting the assessment officials round the site confirmed to P.M.NEWS yesterday that about 21 houses were affected.

“Some of the houses have their fences, foundanon, or other cracks as a result of the effect of the crash which destroyed two houses and a factory,” he said.

Oriowo said that only four persons lost their live when the illfated aircraft crashed into the two storey building in the area.

Oba Baales and Chiefs in Ifako Ijaiye led by the paramount rulers, led members of the community to make a sacrifice to apease the gods at the crash site yesterday.

During the prayer session which was conducted by a prominent ifa priest named Sikiru Abiodun Alaka, the Araba of Ikerekuland, about 13 goats and rams were offered for sacrifice.

Speaking on behalf of other Obas, the Onifako of Ifako Kingdom, Oba Taofik Fatus Obawole said: “the three of us (the obas) and the chiefs came together to apease the gods so that no evil shall befall the community and to make the environment free from ghosts because some of the residents have been complaining that they usually hear strange noise in the night among other things. Thank God it is all over.”

—Ayodele Lawal

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