'Tony Tetuila Was A Sickler'


Born into a poor polygamous family with an enormous lump on his chest, a bad health condition and crippled as a child, Anthony Olanrewaju Awotoye  popularly known as Tony Tetuila, is proof that a man’s beginning does not necessarily determine his future.

This Oro, Kwara State-born recording artiste and song writer is widely regarded as one of Nigeria’s living Hip-Hop stars and in his own words, owes his success and life to God and his mother’s love, bravery, selflessness and prayers.

On this week’s celebrity edition of the reality show ‘Supermom’, Mrs Cecilia Awotoye, Tetuila’s mother, tells the heart-wrenching and mind-boggling story of how she succeeded in raising her children, especially the precocious Tetuila, against all odds.

According to her, nothing can aptly describe the pain a mother feels just watching helplessly as her son dies slowly because she can’t afford to pay his medical bills.

Although things had been tough generally for the family, the worst of her ordeals started when she noticed a lump growing on Tetuila’s chest. “I cried every time I looked at him. I prayed endlessly to God to spare his life and I didn’t give up hope.”

As any caring mother would, she took him to the places she could afford but no remedy came until she visited the General Hospital at  Ojuelegba, Lagos. There, a surgery was done on him and he later grew up to be a strong child, despite the pain and suffering he had to endure.

Months later, just when she was beginning to rejoice at his recovery, she realised the kid who would later become Africa’s music golden son couldn’t walk.

“We started visiting hospitals again and every time a doctor said my son would never walk, I prayed and cried to God. I never stopped telling them that my son would walk again! There was one day I was returning to the hospital and I had to trek all the way with him on my back because there was no means of transportation; Former Head of State, Murtala Muhammed, had just died and there was a bit of unrest in the country then.”

Months after, her miracle came. Tetuila started walking again! I couldn’t stop thanking God when I saw my son stand up and walk. Till today, I still thank God for him,” she recalls in an emotion-laden voice on this week’s episode of the Supermom Celebrity edition which will be broadcast this  weekend on the AIT Networks, Galaxy, MITV and other terrestrial television stations across Nigeria. Also the mom of Kefee and other top celebrities will be on the programme.

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