Goodluck Jonathan And Good Leadership



President Goodluck Jonathan and good leadership do not seem to form a perfect match and the mismatch is hurting Nigeria a great deal.

With frequent terrorist attacks and the phalanx of killings that follow, Nigeria seems to have been enveloped by gloom, doom and despondency.

The country now appears to be sliding towards a cataclysm of gargantuan proportions as the leadership is at a loss about how to bring back peace, stability and prosperity slide in the land.

Even during the ignominious Abacha’s maximum rule, Nigeria did not slither so close to disintegration and religious or civil war as it has today. Truth be told, our country is in crisis and if things are allowed to disintegrate further, the centre may soon crumble and Nigeria may become history. A stronger and smarter leadership can make a difference.

However, the majority of Nigerians now believe that we may have to wait for another leadership to effect those changes as the one at the Federal level now remains tethered to failure and inefficiency.

Nigerians do not seem to see or feel where the country is headed. Not many people can point to achievements recorded by the Jonathan administration in the education, health or power sectors despite the transformation song on the lips of government officials and their minions. It is even hard to point to concrete achievements recorded in other sectors such as infrastructure development, research or reduction of poverty and inequality.

Daily, we are assailed by news of bomb explosions, terrorist attacks, disasters and other calamities that make things even harder for the common man. Nigeria cannot continue on this path. As the president of our country, we believe that Goodluck Jonathan must exhibit strong leadership by making his goals clear and carrying Nigerians along. The president must also clearly tell us how his administration intends to defeat terrorism, stabilise Nigeria and develop our economy.

He must also practically demonstrate how he is reducing poverty and inequality and creating jobs for the millions of unemployed youths who now roam the streets. Until Goodluck Jonathan takes these steps, Nigerians will continue to be pessimistic about his intentions and his administration.

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