Toyota With Some Excitement


Chief Ikechukwu, a businessman, has found a convenient way of conveying his staff to and from the office. He had planned to buy a bus before coming in contact with the Coaster vehicle which blew his mind with its features, especially the spacious interior and price.

For Semiu Musa, a fleet operator, who plies the Lagos-Ibadan route using an old fashioned wagon, which has impacted negatively on the number of trips he makes daily, the Coaster has proved the perfect option for him to continue in his transportation business.

Indeed, since it made its debut in the local market, the Coaster has been making waves among automobile freaks who say it is good for picnics and commercial fleet operators, for its reliability, efficiency and fuel economy. With its spacious and comfortable cabin, the Coaster feels like a family sedan and its pleasant interior is just one of its many welcome features. The Coaster delivers precise handling, with extra reserves of power and comprehensive safety amenities. Toyota engineering ensures rugged strength for years to come and overall economy. The Coaster is a pleasure to behold, a balanced combination of economy and luxury, blending science and art. With 2.7-litre gasoline engine and 4.2-litre diesel engine either way, you can be sure of outstanding response in all driving and load situations.

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The best solution for avoiding an accident is to prevent it from happening. The Coaster provides many safety features that allow the driver to play an active role in safe driving. For example, the large windshield, the driver’s safety window and the easy-to-adjust seat position help the driver detect hazards by offering a clear and expansive all-round view. Quick acceleration, excellent handling and a high level of braking performance all add up to easy control of the vehicle, assisting in safe motoring.

The Coaster’s historic excellence has forced Toyota’s competitors to go back to the drawing board and rethink their strategies. I suspect that sooner rather than later, Toyota will do the same.

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