Meningitis Hits Chelsea Star, Sturridge


Daniel Sturridge is undergoing emergency treatment for suspected viral meningitis.

The Chelsea star, 22, was rushed to St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington after repeatedly vomiting and complaining of severe aches and pains.

Sturridge has been named in the Team GB squad for the Olympics — but he will miss out if meningitis is diagnosed.

A BOA spokesman said: “We still have some time to assess the situation and wait for the results of Daniel Sturridge’s tests.”

Meningitis sufferers often face a lengthy recovery process and there can be long-term headaches, tiredness and even memory loss.

So the implications for Sturridge could go way beyond the upcoming Olympic Games and well into Chelsea’s pre-season preparations. Blues boss Roberto Di Matteo is preparing to give a full bulletin on Sturridge’s welfare at a Press conference at the club’s Cobham training centre tomorrow.

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But it is known Sturridge contacted the club’s medical staff over the weekend, complaining of feeling very unwell.

They were concerned about his symptoms and, in turn, recommended that he sought specialist treatment from doctors at St Mary’s hospital.

Last night a close friend of Sturridge said: “The family has obviously been very concerned and worried.

“Thankfully he’s been feeling a little bit better over the last 24 hours and everyone is hoping that’s a positive sign.

“But the full facts won’t be known until the results of all the tests are back and have been examined by the experts.”

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