Volleyball Coach Laments Absence Of Nigeria


By Sunday  Akintoye

Head Coach of Lagos Volleyball team, Taiwo Oladipupo has lamented that Nigeria’s absence in the volleyball event of London 2012 Olympic Games is a setback for the game in the country.

Oladipupo told P.M.Sports that it is a shame that Nigeria is not among the countries that will feature in the Volleyball event of the Summer Games.

Oladipupo, who is also the Technical Director of Lagos Volleyball Association, noted that Nigeria will not feature in the Olympics if the problem facing the game in the country is not resolved.

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“A lot of things have gone wrong in our Volleyball in this country. We only focus more on few sports at the expense of other sports. It is high time the authorities give an adequate attention to other sports in Nigeria,” he said.

Oladipupo said that lack of regular league and national competitions and sponsorship of national teams to international championships are the problems facing the sport in the country.

He disclosed that Nigerian Volleyball can rise again if there is a developmental programme in place. Apart from developmental programme, Oladipupo noted that there should be first class volleyball courts in all the 36 states of the federation, including Abuja.

“Nigeria can qualify for the next Olympic Games if things are properly done. It is sad that the National Sports Commission, NSC, and Nigeria Volleyball Federation, NVF, have failed in their responsibilities. I hope we get it right someday,” he said.

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