Liberals lead Libya polls


The leader of one of Libya’s main Islamist parties said on Sunday that a rival liberal coalition had a solid advantage after the country’s first election since the ouster of Moamer Kadhafi, according to the AFP.

“The National Forces Alliance achieved good results in some large cities except Misrata. They have a net lead in Tripoli and in Benghazi. But it is a tight race for us in the south.”

Libyans on Saturday voted for a General National Congress, a 200-member legislative assembly which will steer the country through a transition period following the toppling and killing of Kadhafi last year.

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A total of 80 seats are reserved for political entities while the remaining 120 are open to individual candidates, some of which are openly allied to specific parties.

The bulk of Libya’s population and registered voters are concentrated in the capital, which lies in the west of the oil-rich desert country, and in the eastern city of Benghazi.

Votes are still being tallied by Libya’s electoral commission.

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