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Quit Clowning, Face Reality, Lagos ACN Tells PDP


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria, ACN, has described Southwest Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, as a bunch of sinking parodists that are desperately clutching on straws for survival.

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The party says that the recent wild celebration of the so-called ‘defection’ of an unknown security man to the PDP is a sign that PDP has become a pitiable relic of spent charlatans in the Southwest and nothing will save them from the sure rustication they are facing in the entire Southwest.
In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that it does not know any security detail as a high ranking member of the ACN whose ‘defection’ can affect the soaring fortune of the ACN in Lagos, the entire Southwest and indeed in Nigeria.
It charges what remains of the PDP in Lagos and the Southwest to face the reality of extinction after its fraudulent short stay in the rulership of the Southwest which led to the total despoliation of the region as their unfortunate rule lasted.
“When one sees the jokers and parodists that personify the disappearing cult called the Southwest PDP frolicking and celebrating the so-called ‘defection’ of a security detail of Governor Fashola last weekend, we are struck with pity for yesterday’s men who have turned to full blown clowns in a desperate effort to come to relevance through such infantile means as is now well known of the comic relics that go by the name Southwest PDP.
“That they gathered in their legion and mounted a wild orgy to celebrate a nonsensical defection of a nameless character that commands no known relevance in the politics of Lagos shows that time has pitifully left the PDP behind and it has gone rusty with the same factors that has made it a notorious brand that has shrunk the country in thirteen years of mediocrity and high level corruption.”
The party further stated: “We dare ask the PDP what came out of the defections of Wahab Dosunmu, Adeseye Ogunlewe, Musliu Obanikoro and scores of other booty hunters to the PDP if not more resounding electoral failures? We ask the PDP what came out of the defection of Femi Pedro, an erstwhile Deputy Governor, Kofo Bucknor Akerele and others to the PDP if not more damning failures among a people that are very conversant with the noxious value the PDP has implanted into the Nigerian body politic?
“Has the scenario become so bleak that the hierarchy of the PDP in the Soutwest has to mount a noisy road show that a self-acclaimed erstwhile body guard ‘defected’ to their party? Is the Southwest PDP so distressed that it has become a platform for mindless celebration of mediocrity and downright inanity as we have noticed in recent times?
“Lagos ACN wants to assure the PDP in the Southwest that its journey into political limbo is just starting and we want them to quickly adjust for we believe that nothing can re-inflict the curse the PDP has become on Lagos and the Southwest. We want to let the comedians that now people the Southswest PDP that their journey into political limbo is just beginning and no bodyguard or person of no known recognizable identity can salvage them from their just reward for the notorious legacy of ruin they prosecuted in the Southwest while their forceful occupation lasted.
“We want to let the PDP know that Lagos and indeed the Southwest will never be conquered by a marauding army of rabid profiteers but will always go where their huge interests are met. We want to let the PDP know that Lagos will always vote for performance and so long as they long for irresponsible power to loot and despoil, they will never be allowed to conquer Lagos or the Southwest.
“We urge Lagos and Southwest PDP to quit making a mockery of themselves as they have been doing in very recent times. We urge them to rather beg the people of the Southwest for the humiliation and desecration the region suffered in their hands as their imposed fraudulent rulership lasted. Having done that, let them retire to their solitary homes and stop the life in comic revelry, which they have made their primary businesses in recent times.”