Student Rioter Barred From London


Student rioter Charlie Gilmour says he has been banned from London during the Olympic Games because he ‘poses too much of a threat’.

The 21-year-old said police and probation officials ordered him to stay away from the capital eight months after his release from prison.

The Cambridge student was jailed for 16 months last July after swinging from a flag on the Cenotaph while high on LSD, Valium and whisky when student  protests in London spiralled into rioting in December 2010.

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Speaking about his ban, he said: ‘It’s lucky I gave up my childhood dream of high-jumping for Britain because I am banned from staying in London during the Games. The Metropolitan Police and the probation service decided I pose too much of a threat, which shows how much faith they have in the rehabilitative powers of the British penal system.’

It is understood that the Met and probation officials have varied the conditions of Gilmour’s release licence to introduce the ban on staying in London.

In an extraordinary diatribe, the disgraced son of multi-millionaire Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour also warned that the glittering multi-billion-pound sports event could provoke a repeat of last August’s riots by resentful young people with nothing to lose.

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