5 Million Electronic Cigarettes For Smokers


The most valuable thing is that since 2 July, five million electronic cigarettes produced specifically for 2012 Olympic Games have all been carried to London.

Andre, the Sales Director of KIMREE which is the largest electronic cigarette OEM factory in the world, signed with emotion, “During the recent 3 months, KIMREE and suppliers spare no effort to produce the best-quality e-cigarettes. Since the program is finished, now we can feel relieved.”

“The traditional cigarettes release over 4000 chemicals when burning, mainly including tar, carbon monoxide, nicotine, cyanide, carcinogenic substances, dutrex and other irritating smogs. And in each cigarette, harmful substances occupy 0.2%.” Andre mentioned, “This batch of electronic cigarettes reduce 400kg harmful smoke for London and they will effectively cut down the danger of secondhand smoke and fire hazard.”

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Andre extraordinarily emphasized that, “Tobacco revenue has been lessened since electronic cigarettes appear, and it’s still an inevitable trend that e-cigarettes are becoming popular. Giving people a choice to reduce harm, electronic cigarette is a transition form between smoking and non-smoking. The countries where electronic cigarettes are prevalent always focus on people’s will rather than the government’s or individual profitable institutions’. Electronic cigarettes are beneficial products, which we can standardise and limit, but cannot forbid.

In 2013, KIMREE will lead the industry’s technology development and meet the wonderful future.

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