War Against Piracy: ‘We’ve Changed Strategies’

Jide kosoko

Jide Sokoko

National President of the Yoruba Video and Films Producers/Marketers Association of Nigeria (YOVIFPMAN), Alhaji Toyin Usman, says the association has  changed strategies on fighting piracy in the country.

Jide Sokoko

In a chat with NollywoodReel, Usman said his association has adopted some drastic policies, which according to him, will eventually make the piracy of films difficult for the perpetrators.

“We have adopted a couple of new policies, which I believe will make the fight against piracy easier for us to win. One of the strategies is reducing the number of films we release into the market every day. We are also in talks with some local and international law enforcement agencies on how to finally clamp down on the pirates.

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“All  members of the association have also been advised to make their films more attractive to consumers. This this will make  consumers  stop patronising the counterfeit ones being sold by the pirates.

“We intend to achieve this by reducing the number of adverts that we promotes in our movies.  We will also try to reduce the number of flicks being released into the market every month. This will make it easier for us to monitor the market closely,” Usman stated.

As at time of filing this report, about 50 suspected film pirates have been sentenced to three months in jail, while others are still awaiting trial.

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