Firm Introduces Free Conference Call


A Lagos-based firm, Peace Global Services, has introduced a platform for teleconferencing and telebroadcasting.

According to the firm, the innovative platform will enable group communication and ease meetings especially between management of firms and their employees.

The firm added that the platform was  introduced after it became clear that the average CEO is caught in the challenge or balancing participating in meetings  with the head for effective supervision of workers to achieve maximum output.

“Our automated voice messaging service allows you to automatically call every phone number on your list. Creating an account and sending voice messages can be done entirely online for as little as 18\min. Setting up a message for broadcast only takes a few simple steps,” said the CEO.

The organisation listed the packages of this method of communication as the saving cost, such as Dial-Out Conference Call, Dial-In Conference Call and Practical Usage.

They also highlighted the benefits of the communication as saving cost of transportation and helping to avoid the hazards or travelling, adding that it enhances productivity and work efficiency.

By Henry Ojelu

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