Lottery body stops unsolicited lottery SMS


The Nigerian Lottery Regulatory Commission (NLRC) has directed the stoppage of unsolicited lottery text messages on cell phones, its Director-General, Mr. Peter Igho, said in Abuja on Sunday.

He said the commission had the support and cooperation of the Nigerian Communication Commission to enforce the directive.

Igho advised promoters of lotteries to take their promotions to the appropriate media like newspapers, radio and television if they were genuine.

This he stressed would also create jobs or assist in keeping people’s jobs as those media houses would also benefit from lottery promotion through enhanced revenue.

He said legitimate lottery promoters and the commission had provided employment and created jobs for Nigerians in 12 states of the federation.

The commission, he added had employed no fewer than 800 Nigerians in states where it operated.

He listed the states as Kano, Yola, Sokoto, Kaduna, Plateau, Kwara, Oyo, Lagos, Edo, Delta, Ebonyi and Imo.

“Each of those licensees will now, because we have created presence in all those places, can comfortably go and open their offices to operate there; and as they do that, they are going to employ people to serve in all these places.

“So each of the operators, of course, will help create employment; but it doesn’t stop there. As each of the licensees now begins to spread out their point-of-sales terminals, each of those terminals will be manned by somebody.

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“So many outlets will be created outside by each of the licensees; and as that happens, you are creating employment.

The NLRC boss commended the operator of Premier Lotto, Lagos, popularly called “Baba Ijebu’’ for being outstanding in providing jobs for youths.

Igho said: “Baba Ijebu’’ had discharged himself creditably so far because of his transparency and fair play.

“The person we call “Baba Ijebu’’ is one of our licensees.

“If you go to Lagos, many people will tell you that he has been able to remove from the streets, a lot of bad elements; a lot of people who ordinarily will be out here creating nuisance to the society.

“He is all over Lagos and the people who handle his point of play terminals are all empowered-off course they have their families.

“The reason why “Baba Ijebu’’ has tried and has performed so creditably is because he has performed with integrity and transparency.

“Any person who registers with the Corporate Affairs Commission as a lottery promoter and is of sound mind and has the capital base can apply for a licence to operate a lottery firm.’’

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