Dejumo Lewis, Solade Join Family Ties


Respected actors, Dejumo Lewis and Yemi Solade, have joined the league of seasoned thespians on location  for the shoot of  A Thorn In The Flesh, the season three of award winning television drama, Family Ties.

As the serial continues to gather momentum on air, the producer, AK Media Concepts, have decided to spice it up with more cast, which already parades role interpreters such as Kola Oyewo, Nobert Young, Amaechi Muonagor and Steph Nora-Okere, among others.

The Chief Executive Officer of AK Media Concept, Mr. Benson Akindeju, said the season three of Family Ties will be the first of its kind.

He said:“A Thorn In The Flesh has a unique storyline, and we are working with the best thespians and production experts for best result.

“Here in AK Media, we give value to our esteemed viewers both home and abroad, and we are not resting on our oars. Excellence has been our watchword and that is evident with the sheer success recorded by all our programmes so far.”

The Production Manager of the outfit, Abiola Nurudeen, confirmed that the actors resumed at location yesterday, Sunday, 2 September, 2012.

In A Thorn In The Flesh, James and Olayinka Adubi are brothers bound by blood but separated by status. Olayinka is a successful architectural engineer with clientele of high class. As a disciplined gentle man, Yinka lays emphasis on moral values and peaceful co-existence for all. Married to Yemisi, a retired health worker who works as a consultant to a NGO, they are blessed with two boys, Yomi and Sola.

The older brother, James Adubi, is a retired warrant officer 2, who goes about, claiming that he retired as a major  from the army to receive undue respect from people. James Adubi is greedy and desperate; he looks for money by any means. One of his strategies for making unlawful income is by using his last daughter, Nifemi, as examination mercenary.

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Married to Adesuwa with three children, James Adubi’s prime victim of extortion is his younger brother, Yinka, because the latter is ready to please him, hinged on the legacy of unity left by their deceased father being monitored by their uncle, Lucas Adubi, who brokers peace between the duo in times of discord.

James and Adesuwa’s envy for Yinka and his family increases by the day as Yomi, one of Yinka’s sons is being used against him by his brother.

Yinka eventually dies of heart attack as a result of his brother’s problems. An event that opens doors for old soldier, as James is fondly called, to victimise Yemisi and Sola, a medical practitioner, who refuse to dance to his tunes.

The victimisation becomes unbearable for Yemisi who suffers pancreatic cancer which  consequently leads to her death. James and Yomi, his nephew, become a formidable team to tackle Doctor Sola to take control of Yinka’s inheritance.

The table turns again when James begins a scheme to get rid of Yomi in order to will the properties to his children.

This leads to prodigal Yomi running back to his brother Sola, for reconciliation. Their reconciliation becomes the tool of their victory against the wicked uncle.

A Thorn In The Flesh is the story of how these brothers and their families cross lives with cataclysmic effects when the goodwill and loving assistance of the successful Yinka inspires envy, hatred and lust to destroy discontent James.

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