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What Has The Mind Got To Do With It?

Ayo Arowolo

Ayo Arowolo

Ayo Arowolo


We shall devote this week to answering some money questions from the mail box. We are treating two of such questions in this edition. To get your questions featured in this column, send an email to [email protected] You can also send your message to 07031217797. 

What Has The Mind Got to Do With It?

I have desired to get my church to grow  and generate enough money to keep things going but this has remained a mirage. Every time I meditate, God always asks me to change my thought. I still can’t grasp the full meaning of this instruction. Do you have something to share on this subject? God bless.

I once heard the account of a stock investor who went to meet his stockbroker after about 14 years of active investment. He just wanted to know the value of his investment. He built that investment from his regular, though paltry salary. When the stockbroker eventually told him that he was worth about N8.5 million, he refused to believe it. He insisted that the stockbroker should first issue a cheque to the tune of N1 million so that he would know if it was indeed correct. He cashed the cheque the following day. The man, however, died a few weeks after. He had been in poverty before and he had not reached the threshold of a million. His mind could not process that information.

It is a real work to work on one’s mind. Yet, whatever your mind cannot conceive and accept your hand cannot touch. It would not become a reality. So, the real work starts from the mind. May I suggest these steps? First, have a clear picture of the type of church you want to build and this should not be something you copied from other people. You really need to get a revelation on this. Once this is done, the second step is to sit down and think through how this would be. This stage would include connecting with other pastors who  have a semblance of the model of the church you want to run for counselling and mentoring if possible. Also at this stage, you need to get all the books that have information relevant to your ministry. Dissect the books and note the points of application.

The third step would be to develop a blueprint for running the church. You must be clear about the type of audience to whom you are sent. This on its own would influence a lot of things including possibly the location of the church. Then, you need to paint the picture of what the church would actually look like at maturity in your mind. This thought should be fixed in your mind even if the present situation does not resemble that picture. Once you don’t allow this picture to disappear, ultimately, with God in the equation, the destination is certain. Message: Renew the picture in your mind and hold on to the new one until it manifests. All is well with you.

How Do I Create Multiple Streams of Income?

I would want you to shed more light on this issue of multiple streams of income. I am a man of ideas. You touched on it in one of your online articles. I can generate ideas any time, anywhere. My challenge, however, is that I don’t know which one to really settle down with. Do I have to start so many projects simultaneously to be able to generate those sources of income? I need your response as I am at a loss.

I once mentioned it in one of the past articles that from a single idea, at least seven streams of income can be developed. The problem is that we don’t dig deeper before we move into other things.

You do not need to start multiple projects. The truth is that everyone has more than one idea running in his head at a time. Indeed, Rick Warren in his book Purpose Driven Life suggests that every human being has between 500 and 700 ideas or talents he or she can excel in during his or her life time. I found that very astounding and revealing. One commitment you can make right away is to focus on developing one talent per year for the rest of your life. Dig deeper on every idea developed to mine the cash inside of it (You would certainly need a guide on how to do the conversion to cash).

Every talent you focus on should be polished and developed with acquisition of relevant knowledge and until your talents become skills, they cannot not give you good returns. You can do this by attending relevant seminars, reading good books and networking with other people in that area.

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Avoid the tendency to use what others are doing in that area as a yardstick for measuring your progress. You are unique. I suggest you focus strictly on bringing out all the stuff inside of you. If you sense you have the talent of being a public speaker, go to work immediately on it and don’t relent until you push the talent to what one of my mentors would describe as the wealth zone.

And all will be well with you. You can also request for one of my free articles How To Convert Your Passion and Your Challenges to Cash


I need your advice on this dilemma. I am 53 years old. I had worked hard to prepare for this period which ordinarily should be my retirement period which I want to use to do the things I am really passionate about. Unfortunately, all my nest eggs are in the capital market. I had built a portfolio of shares that were valued at N375million as 2007 and I had planned to retire at 55. As at the time of writing, my shares were value at less than N45million. What can I do? Can I pick up a job again?

Any time you discover you have fallen into an error either the one you caused or the one foisted on you, the wise thing to do is to stop and take stock of everything. Take inventory of what you have, the contacts available to you and re-ignite the passion for your vision. With clarity of mind, you can start all over again.

Falling or making mistakes is not the issue, it is the perspective you bring into assessing the mistakes that counts. There are always opportunities even inside those challenging circumstances in our lives. The major work I think you should work on is your mind. You should spend some time listening to some good motivational CDs. Read books on those who have stumbled and got back on their feet again. You can do successfully whatever they did to come back.

Initially, you may have to find engagements that suit your temperaments for the purpose of generating cash flow. Set another deadline for yourself and work hard towards achieving your goals. If you do not faint, you would be surprised how far you can go and how many opportunities still lie ahead of you. If you need counselling on how to start out, you should go for one. All is well with you. Don’t ever give up

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