Elcomserve Unveils First Message Beep


Elcomserve Nigeria, a 21st century network of professional security, telecommunication and fire protection consultants and engineers, has launched Nigeria’s first message beep service, a unifying chat platform that cuts across all spheres, and calibre of people.

Beep service can also be deploy on a simple java enabled phone, mid–range feature phones and the highly sophisticated smart-phones.

The chief executive officer of ElcomServe, Mr. Sinari Daranijo, said  Beep is a subscription-based service that provides unlimited messaging exchange for a weekly or monthly fixed fee.

According to Daranijo, Beep provides an easier way of communicating between two or more people and allows real time high level interaction.

“Beep is a simple, cool, trendy and exciting platform that enables subscribers connect with family, friends and loved ones at an affordable rate. It offers presence which is the ability to know when your friends, family members and colleagues are online and available to interact,” he added.

He described the product as specially designed with an African look and feel with black backgrounds, green, blue and white body with a very classy and simple look. The product is user friendly with easy to use navigational buttons and exciting chat box and localised menu

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According to him, the company was motivated to launch the platform following its study of spending patterns, income and personality profile of Nigerians. “Nigerians like classy things, but can’t afford much. Nigerians like free things hence they patronise a lot of promotions with instant giveaways. Nigerians like to interact a lot, hence the high voice patronage.

“Nigerians are aggressive users of free text messaging to chat and interact,” the Elcomserve boss explained.

Elcomserve has over two decades of relevant experience developing cutting edge, world class solutions for its clients and has been actively involved in telecommunications sector for about 19 years.

Currently, it seeks to provide a messaging platform called the Simply Beep to enable subscribers communicate with their friends and loved ones.

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