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Man Sues In-Law For Hiding Daughter


Malam Habibu Ahmad of Kabala Costain, Kaduna, on Monday sued his mother-in-law, Gambo Alhassan, at a Kaduna Sharia Court for allegedly hiding his wife.

Ahmad told the court that his wife left home on Sallah day to deliver Sallah food to their families but did not return.

“Before I left for Eid-el-Fitr prayers, my wife, Asmau, was cooking and on my return, she had finished. She told me that she would stay with her relations till evening before returning.

“After waiting for long, I called her mobile phone and it was switched off. I called the people she visited and I was told that she did not stay long there.”

He further alleged that Asmau had never spent six months in his house without moving to unknown destination, adding: “She always returned to me after pleadings through phone calls.”

He said unfortunately, “when I called her this time, another man answered and told me not call the line again as Asmau is his wife.”

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The defendant, Alhassan, pleaded not guilty of the allegation, insisting that she had no knowledge of her daughter’s whereabouts.

According to her, Asmau had stayed with her elder sister before she got married to Ahmad.

The mother-in-law told the court that after receiving the court’s summon, she called Asmau on the phone and directed her to return to her husband’s home as the issue was before the court.

“Right now, Asmau is within this court,” she said, urging the court to direct Ahmad not to disturb her again since his wife had returned.

The Presiding Officer, Ibrahim Inuwa, said since Asmau was back, the husband should meet with her elders to resolve the matter. He adjourned the case till 13 September for the report on the resolution.