Flying Car Goes On Sale For $1.6m


If waiting in traffic jams leaves you ready to explode, the solution is finally here. Drivers can switch from the road to the air in minutes at the wheel of the world’s first flying car,  which is on the market at a sky-high price of £800,000. The two-seat automobile can reach speeds of 60mph on land and up to 110mph at 12,000 feet, despite being more than 60 years old.

Inventor, Moulton ‘Molt’ Taylor, began work on the car in 1946 and it became the world’s first road-legal flying car when he built the first prototype three years later. But the sci-fi style vehicle, which boasts of a propeller on the end of a long tail cone, initially failed to take off. In November 1949, the prototype could not get off the ground after accelerating slowly down a grass runway.

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One month and a number of modifications later, the Aerocar made its first official flight out of Longview, Washington, and Mr Taylor started to get funding from interested investors. The first three models were sold for a hefty $25,000 (£15,800) each with a plan for mass production. But the firm struggled to get the 500 orders needed to make the car marketable. Mr Taylor had designed the Aerocar to be able to convert from car to plane in less than 10 minutes.

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