Lawmaker Suggests Way To Fight Corruption


A member of the Anti-Corruption Committee at the House of Representatives, Dr. Samuel Adejare, has prescribed the Chinese method of handling corruption as the best for Nigeria if the government was serious about combating the national challenge.

Adejare, while speaking with P.M. NEWS, said that only when the people realise the strict penalties for corruption would they desist from it.

The lawmaker, who represents Agege Federal Constituency at the House, also said that for Nigeria to fully begin the practice of the Chinese style of anti-corruption, citizens of the country must come together in the form of a conference where they would agree to the terms of governance.

“As a member of the House, I went to Hong Kong with the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offence Commission (ICPC), it was an international conference.

“One of the major things we got out of that conference is that fighting corruption is not all about setting up anti-this or anti-that.

“They told us over there that to fight corruption, we must all come together at a conference and our people must agree that they are ready to do away with corruption.

He said that Hong Kong used to be one of the most terrible places on earth where one could find whatever evil existed in the world, but that it is now one of the least corrupt places of the world.

He described corruption as taking over the entire country as there was no profession and aspect of the country where the problem did not exist.

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“We must all come together and tell ourselves that enough is enough.

“In Malaysia, I was told that they called themselves to a conference and told themselves that “we know we are not all aliens or saints and some of us must have taken what does not belong to us, but from henceforth, if you take what does not belong to you, it is death for you,” adding; “Today, Malaysians are better for it.”

He advised that it was time we stopped paying lip-service to fight against corruption which has become endemic in the country, adding that the country must come up with stiff penalties against the practice to ensure that it is curbed.

“I don’t believe that any penalty is too stiff for something that would better the country.

“If they are afraid of a Sovereign National Conference, then remove the ‘sovereign’ and let’s have a conference.

“There’s no way we won’t one day come to the table even if we go to war, but I can tell you that this country will not survive another war,” he warned, adding that such a conference would afford the brilliant people in the society the opportunity to contribute to national development.


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