Toyota Reclaims Status As World’s No. 1 Carmaker


Toyota has pushed ahead of General Motors and Volkswagen as the world’s largest automaker in the first half of 2012.

According to a statement from the Head, Public Relations Department, Toyota Nigeria Limited, Bukunola Ogunnusi, the 4.97 million units sold by the Japanese automaker in the first six months of 2012 represents an impressive 34-percent jump. Toyota’s sales beat GM by 300,000 units and VW by 520,000. This is a huge jump from the 3.72 million sold last year.

Still, General Motor sales were up 2.9 percent to 4.67 million vehicles sold, while Volkswagen moved 4.45 units, an 8.9 percent increase. While Toyota has enjoyed success in its top markets, North America and Japan, GM and VW have struggled with the economic crisis in Europe.

It could be recalled that trying times were faced by Toyota last year when earthquakes which rocked Japan followed by tsunami and floods. These natural calamities took its toll on Toyota’s lock, stock and barrel, but this did not dampen the company’s spirits. Toyota is now back to its No.1 spot as global automobile manufacturers.

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General Motors held the coveted title for over 70 years until 2008’s market crash. Toyota then held global sales top position from 2008 to 2010 before these natural disasters brought them down to third place with General Motors in the lead, followed by Volkswagen.

Now with the past safely behind, Toyota is on a one way street to rebound after adversity. Stock and inventory in showrooms are showing positive results. Customers are pouring in and sales are looking up. Beyond 2012, Toyota continues to forecast growth with projected production of 8.98 million units in 2013 and sales expected to reach over 8.95 million units. Experts have stated that Toyota has bounced back stronger than expected. In the first half this year, Toyota has already sold more number of cars. It will be difficult for GM to overtake Toyota now.

According to Jide Onakoya of Triple Cars, “Putting aside the concepts of passion and drive-ability, neither of which guarantee profits or corporate sustainability in the long term, Toyota is where it is due to its strategic business model.

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