AGN Election: The Plot To Stop Ibinabo Fiberisima


After a failed attempt to organise a chaos-free national election in Benin, Edo State early this year, the Actors’ Guild of Nigeria Electoral Committee (AGNEC) is currently preparing to re-organise the election, but there are plots to stop star actress, Ibinabo Fiberisima, from contesting.

Fiberisima is contesting the post of the guild’s national president alongside Emeka Rollas and Steve Eboh, but Nollywood Reel gathered that one of the  contestants, Rollas, has taken her to court, claiming that as  an ex-convict, she should be disqualified from contesting in the election. The matter is currently in a Lagos court.

The move is to hinder Fiberisima, who is perceived as the favourite among the candidates, from contesting in the election on  the grounds that she is an ex-convict.

The complainant claimed that Fiberisima was convicted for murder and is supposed to be serving a five-year jail term but appealed and got a bail; otherwise she would have been in Kirikiri prisons.

Meanwhile, in a chat with Nollywood Reel, Emeka Rollas denied dragging his fellow contestant to court.

When asked if he masterminded the legal action against Fiberisima, Rollas said “It is not true. The matter is in court concerning her ex-convict status and only the court can decide. Please don’t listen to rumours. It was the Lagos State Chairman, Emeka Rising, who took her to court, challenging her position and eligibility to contest.”

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Speaking with Nollywood Reel on phone yesterday, Fiberisima said: “I don’t think there is a law that is bigger than that of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I had a traffic accident sometimes ago, but that cannot stop me from contesting the election of my guild as being peddled by my fellow contestants.

“My aim is to serve my guild, and I am not fraudulent. My co-contestant is fraudulent and I have proofs for that.”

The election in Benin was alleged to have been marred by some allegedly sponsored social miscreants after it was realised that Fiberisima was having the upper hand among other presidential candidates.

Meanwhile, an inside source squealed to Nollywood Reel that having realised that Ibinabo is still the strongest candidate for the presidential seat, the plot is to  distract her with the court case, while the election will be  held before she could be cleared to run for the election.

The source also stated that the election is likely to hold on Thursday, 27 September, this year.

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