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Having learnt real estate from two of Nigeria’s great Tertiary Institutions (Yaba College of Technology and University of Ibadan), Adetola EmmanuelKing in this exclusive interview with P.M.NEWS, explains how he is translating his classroom knowledge on Housing and Estate Management to help build houses for all classes of Nigerians at Treasure Park and Gardens Estate.

What type of housing concept is Adron Homes and Properties Limited introducing to Nigeria?

What we are introducing to Nigeria is the concept of housing that is not only of high quality and standards but very affordable in terms of pricing. Our estate developments comes as a coin with two sides; while we are considering quality delivery in terms of the kind of houses and infrastructure to be put in the estate, we are not also losing sight of the need to make our houses very affordable. To achieve our theory of affordability, we have created a novel idea of payment over a reasonable period of time. We stated this with our land acquisition scheme as well as our site and service scheme.

It’s easy, because people can actually pay as low as N500 per day for over a period of three years (Monday to Friday). This idea basically is to facilitate home ownership for low income earners that ordinarily would see land acquisition as a herculean task.

Why did you choose Shimawa as the location for Treasure Park and Gardens?

The reason why we chose Shimawa Town for the estate is because of a number of factors. Firstly, the area is easily accessible from Lagos. Secondly, the entire axis is now being considered by development experts as the next real estate location of choice; the area in now commonly referred to among real estate pundits as the New Lagos. Currently, there are pockets of estate already existing and coming up in that axis. With the rate of development in Shimawa and environ, the projection is that in the next five years, nobody will be able to separate the area from Lagos. Apart from rapid development levels, Adron Homes also discovered that there is an estate in the area, that bring to the fore the concept we intend to achieve Treasure Park and Gardens. The estate I am talking about is the Redemption Camp. If you enter the Camp today, you will be fascinated by the way people of different income levels co-exist peacefully and orderly. They live with one another without any hindrance. That is what we intend to achieve at Treasure Park and Gardens.

What type of house should subscribers expect to own in Treasure Park and Gardens and what will the pricing look like?

To meet our concept of housing for all classes of Nigerians, we have come up with house on three strata. We have the Premium Models for high-income earners. They will consist of 5bedroom and 4bedroom detached as well as 3bedroom twin duplex and detached bungalows. The second model is the Classis Model where we are going to have duplexes but with lesser prices to the Premium Model which will consist only of 3bedroom and 3bedroom houses. The Economy Model will also have 2bedroom and 3bedroom terrace semi detached houses. The price range for houses in the Premium Model will range from N45million to N20million, which the price of houses in the Classic Model will be between N12million to N8million and then the Economy Model houses will have price between N4million and N4.5million.

What is available for subscribers who are interested in just owning plots of land for now?

For prospective land owners in the estate, we have Florence Series which is where we are going to build the Premium Houses Models going for N2million per plot, Park Series for the Economy House Models selling for N350,000 and the Gardens selling for N350,000 and the Gardens Series for the Classic House Models selling for N650,000. Plots of land in both the Florence and Gardens Series would come in the standard measurements of 60 by 130sqm, while the Park Series will be in the measurement of 60 by 60sqm.

Apart from quality and timely delivery, you have mentioned affordability, you have mentioned affordability as one of the Unique Selling Propositions of Adron Homes and Properties Limited. How do you translate this into acquisition plan for intending subscribers?

We have some of the most unique and rare payment structures in place for our intending subscribers. A prospective buyer can actually pay over a period of three years for any of our properties. It is very easy and convenient.

What level of infrastructure will be coming into Treasure Park and Gardens?

When I mentioned earlier, the reason why we have decided to choose Shimawa for Treasure Park and Gardens, I explained that there is an estate in the area that depicts what we intend to achieve in our estate; the Redemption Camp. The Camp is almost an independent community where residents can get whatever they want in terms of infrastructural facilities and services. Healthcare, Education, Market, Recreation and so on will be put in our estate. Residents will have no reason to go out of the estate to get services, all modern amenities and conveniences will be provided in the estate.

What is the size of the estate?

Treasure Park and Gardens will be build on over 4,000 acres of land and developed in five phases. We are certain that the goodwill we have created in the minds of the people so far will ensure that rapid development of the estate. We have started an intensive campaign to sensitize ordinary Nigerians about the opportunities Treasure Park and Gardens is throwing before them. It is a lifetime opportunity that should not be missed.



He had his First Degree in Estate Management from the Yaba College of Technology and Masters Degree in Housing Development and Management from the University of Ibadan. He has worked in several Real Estate Development companies, acquiring over twenty years experience in Estate Development and Management. He is a member of so many professional bodies amongst are: The Nigeria Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers (NIESV), Real Estate developers Association of Nigeria (REDAN), Association of Housing Experts (AHODEM), a fellow of the Institute of Strategic Manager. (FISM).

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