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11 Boko Haram members arrested


Eleven members of the Boko Haram sect have been arrested by Nigerian soldiers after a raid in Biu, a southern town in Borno state.

The raid also led to the recovery of arms and explosives from the militants of Islam.

“We carried out a raid on a suspected hideout of Boko Haram terrorists in the town of Biu late Tuesday… where we arrested eleven suspected members of the terrorist group,” Lieutenant Colonel Sagir Musa said.

He said seven AK-47 rifles, 19 improvised explosive devices and 1,578 rounds of ammunitions were recovered during the raid, the latest crackdown on members of the extremist group in recent months.

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Borno state has been a hotbed of Boko Haram insurgency since it launched its uprising in July 2009 and the group has been accused of killing more than 1,400 people since 2010.

Boko Haram has demanded the creation of an Islamic state in Africa’s most populous nation and largest oil producer, though its demands have repeatedly shifted.

The group also claimed responsibility for destroying more than two dozen mobile phone towers for various operators in cities across northern Nigeria last week, marking a new type of attack.