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Co-Tenant Batters Police Woman


A housewife, Mrs. Tosin Korie, has been arraigned before an Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria, for allegedly battering her co-tenant, Olubunmi Bodunde, 50,  a policewoman.

Tosin was docked at the magistrate’s court presided over by Mrs. M. B. Folami on one-count charge of assault and calling Bodunde a witch.

Speaking on the root of the crisis at their 2, Afolabi Oyerinde, Ejigbo, Lagos residence, Tosin said when Bodunde’s only child died sometime ago, the policewoman claimed that the other co-tenants were happy.

Bodunde whose husband is a native of doctor allegedly placed a curse on his co-tenants.

Since then, Tosin said all the tenants have found life unbearable as they could not afford three square meals, pay rent or look for another accommodation.

Tosin, who is married to a man from Imo State, Southeast Nigeria, claimed that Bodunde’s curse was real because five children have died in the house since Bodunde’s child died.

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But Bodunde denied being a witch. The policewoman also denied killing children of her co-tenants even though she claimed they were jubilant when her own child died.

She told the court that on the day of the incident, Tosin poured a substance on her, battered her and accused her of witchcraft.

The matter was reported at Ejigbo Police Station. Tosin was arrested and later docked.

The presiding magistrate, Mrs. Folami verbally chastised the two neighbours for intolerance and ordered them to do community service around the court premises.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe