Kidnapped Lebanese Bought Freedom For N3m


Wahab Mohammed whose 23-year old Lebanese brother, Ahmed Mohammed, was kidnapped by unidentified gunmen in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, last Monday , has revealed to P.MNEWS that he was made to cough out N3 million ransom before he could secure his release.

Six gunmen in an ash colour Toyota car had abducted Mohammed at about 10 p.m. last week Monday in front of Tawouq King restaurant, Ikeja where he works as manager.

Wahab who disclosed this to our correspondent during his visit to the restaurant yesterday, added that Ahmed returned to Lebanon on Sunday after he regained his freedom at about 11pm on Saturday.

The Lebanese who owns the restaurant located at Adeniyi Jones Avenue, Ikeja, said Ahmed was taken to Benin in Edo State, Southsouth Nigeria, by his abductors.

“I have to cough out a whopping N3 million to get him released from the kidnappers. He was taken to far away Benin in Edo State with his face covered with cloth. I was asked to drop the money inside the bush.

“Ahmed was later dropped on the highway with his face blind folded after I have paid the ransom. It was a taxi that brought him here at about 11pm on Saturday and he went back to Lebanon on Sunday.

“He told us that they did not maltreat him when he was in captivity. They gave him good food and even played card and other games with him. I don’t know why he was kidnapped because we didn’t offend anybody,” he said.

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When asked why he did not involve the police before paying the ransom, he queried, “can the police achieve anything different? Forget about the police but we thank God that he has been released.

“Look at this place now, it is lunch time and customers are not coming. We don’t have money and this makes me to wonder why my brother had to be kidnapped. I was not around at the time of the kidnap but my other workers who were around informed me that Ahmed was forced into an ash colour Toyota car by six unidentified men with gu

“I was told that four of the gunmen jumped down from the car while two remained in the car and ordered him into their car and sped off. Ahmed is a hard-working young man who had been of great assistance to me in the restaurant. I don’t look for trouble and I don’t know who we have offended to deserve this kind of thing.

“Even when I travelled to Lebanon, Ahmed who was in Nigeria for about five years now, ran the restaurant well without troubles. My overheads alone are drowning this restaurant. I owe millions on my rent and it is even some private people that loaned me money.

“I don’t even have a car anymore. The car am using was loaned to me by my Nigerian manager. Ahmed is just 23 and a relative. I am responsible for him but I thank God that he was released in good state,” he added.

—Jamiu Yisa

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