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Pony birth claim triggers controversy


Controversy has continued to trail the alleged delivery of a strange creature that looked like a pony during prayer session in a Beni-based church on Tuesday, as it became a case between science and fiction.

While the General Overseer of World Liberation Ministry where the incident occurred, Evangelist Silva Wealth Iyamu and some members of his church, Wednesday insisted that the woman actually gave birth to the animal, the Medical Director of Central Hospital, Benin City who is a Consultant Gynaecologist , Dr. Jerry Uwaifo said it was not medically possible for a woman to deliver an animal. The church insisted that the incident was real, adding that there was always genetic basis for giving birth.

“A woman can give birth to a deformed child but not an animal. How come they didn’t bring her to a reputable hospital so that it can be verified?, said the doctor.

“God does not perform a miracle in that way. He will not allow a woman to deliver a horse. God will not allow that,” the evangelist retorted.

He said medical personnel cannot do an independent investigation unless they were invited with the consent of the husband.

The Cleric who disclosed that the identity of the woman remained unknown as he said the woman was not a regular member of his church and that she was invited just like any other person for his Tuesday’s prayers and prophetic services, stated that when he called the case of a woman with an issue of pregnancy that comes and go, the woman came from the back and knelt down begging him to pray for her.

He said that they were not expecting anything but that during the prayers, they saw blood but he was later called to be told of what came out.

“I don’t know how I felt. I have been seeing things but this is extra-ordinary. The whole church shouted. She collapsed and we prayed for her to revive her. She was still losing strength. She later told me she wants to go and see her nurse.”

The middle-aged Pastor informed journalists at his church premises that he started his ministry in 2006 and has been blessed with prophetic gifts since his secondary school days.

On allegations that the incident was staged to attract more members, Silva challenged anyone in doubt to come with requests.

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“Every story has two sides. The truth is what God is working with. To find out about any ministry is to go to that ministry. Signs and wonders are normal thing in this church. Nobody can predict what God can do. Whoever is in doubt should come with a request.”

He however said he was yet to get in touch with the woman but added that the woman would come for thanksgiving.

Mrs. Ivie Imhanluobe who claimed to be present when the incident happened, said she was sitting in the front row at the church when the incident took place. “The pastor prayed for her and she fell under the anointing. She delivered a horse. We have seen ritual money turned to tortoise in this church.”

Another member of the church, Maria Osawaye said the woman was still covered in blood and was weak after the delivery.

Mrs. Veronica Egiebor, a nurse who was also at the church said the pastor asked the woman if she was pregnant and she replied yes. “He said her pregnancy is being off and on. The pastor told the woman she was not carrying an ordinary baby. He said do you want to go to a doctor and flush out what you are carrying because what you are carrying is not a baby or do you want it to happen here and everybody shouted yes.

“The pastor asked women to bring wrappers to cover the woman and asked the men to go back saying it was a woman affair. I was there. It is not a story. It seemed a mirage to me. He poured the anointing oil on the woman and a sachet of water. He asked everybody to pray and labour started. She was swinging her body and finally she held somebody’s leg with the cloth. She was pressed and she pushed further when something dropped. I have never seen something like that in my life. People were calling it goat but that thing looked like a horse. The neck was long, the ears and everything,” she said.

Alos corroborating the episode, Prince John Ogbovoh, Personal Assistant to the General Overseer of the church, said: “It was a miracupous thing, she was not the only one that was delivered yesterday. The pastor did it for a lot of people but this one was spectacular. The woman we were told has been in her matrimonial home for 11 years without a baby and the pastor said there was a woman here for 11 years no child that the person always get pregnant but whenever they go for test, it will show and at another time it will not show again.

“So the woman came out and the pastor said let us put you in an all night on Friday, the woman was begging and pleaded with the whole congregation, so the pastor now agreed. When the inhuman creature came out, it did not look like a human being but it looked like an animal. We did not know whether she came with any member of her family, we did not know where she came from we don’t take record of people that come here or go out but we know our members. We were expecting her to come back here today, these people come here and go but later those who are very grateful come back to thank God.

“When it happened, they asked her to go and wash up, the lady pastor assisted her. Remeber she fell down and was unconscious and often sometimes, the pastor asked everubody to leave the hall for ventilation to come in. People started coming into the church, we did not even know when the woman left, I am not even aware, in fact theb pastor was even asking me where is the woman so we searched for her but we could not find her. I am sure the woman is ashamed, God has done a good job in her life and she is ashamed but I am sure she is going to come back. The de4ad creature was left for a while for people to come and see. This morning, the people now ordered that they should throw the creature away because it is now becoming an embarrassing thing for him. It was something.”