The iphone 5: What You Need To Know


Apple's iphone 5

Last week, Apple finally launched its most anticipated phone, the  iPhone 5. Although not yet on sale  anywhere in the world until next week, many tech geek were not disappointed with the awesome features on the  phone. This week Consumers Advocate brings you a review of the latest phone in Apples iPhone series and why  many can’t wait to have it.

•The Screen

The iPhone 5 sports a 4-inch screen. That’s a change from every prior iPhone, which used a smaller 3.5-inch  screen. Screen measurements look at the diagonal length, and the iPhone 5’s screen isn’t any wider than its  predecessors—just taller. As a result, Apple packed a fifth row of icons onto the iPhone 5’s home screen.

The screen also packs in a lot of pixels—326 pixels per inch, as a matter of fact, on a 1136×640 display. And  that means more room for your apps:


With the bigger screen, you may be imagining that the new iPhone 5 will be heavy, right?

Not so! It’s actually slimmer and lighter than the iPhone 4S, Apple says. The iPhone 5 is just 7.6mm thick,  and weighs 112 grammes.


Related News

The rear-facing camera gets an update with a new dynamic low-light mode and sapphire lens cover, and  leverages image processing technology new to the A6 chip. The front-facing camera gets an upgrade, too; it’s  now a FaceTime HD 720p HD camera.

•Battery Life

Apple claims that the iPhone 5’s battery actually lasts longer than the iPhone 4S’s. The company says that  you can expect eight hours of 3G talk time, browsing, and LTE browsing; 10 hours of Wi-Fi browsing; 10 hours  of video; 40 hours of music; and 225 hours of standby time.


The iPhone 5 is the first iPhone with three microphones: One on the front, one on the back, and one on the  bottom. Apple says that they work in tandem to improve noise cancellation and voice recognition. The earpiece  includes better noise-cancellation now, too, Apple says.


Pricing and storage options match the iPhone 4S: $199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB, and $399 for 64GB. Apple for  now hasn’t offered details on pricing for an unlocked iPhone 5. The unlocked iPhone 4S cost $649 for the 16GB  version, $749 for 32GB, and $849 for 64GB.sound.

—Henry Ojelu

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