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Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane Akinyemi

Sharon Jane

Would you wear a pair of jeans and a T Shirt for a swimming class or dressy gown for jogging? Of course you  would not!

Actually you don’t need anything but your own body to exercise. But there are several tools that will enhance  your training sessions and several more that you can purchase as motivational treats.

If you wonder where to find the extra cash, set aside the money you would normally spend on junk food. Save  up until you can buy some trendy, comfortable exercise wears or a piece of helpful equipment.

In addition, after you’ve been exercising for a period of time, you may want to occasionally buy books,  videos, clothing and equipment to keep your interest, excitement, and commitment high.

Get  Footwears That Fit

Shoes are the most important piece of exercise equipment. Good shoes support your body weight, cushioning the  impact on your feet, ankles, knees, and hips when running or exercising. Select shoes with plenty cushion.  Jog around your neighbourhood in your exercise shoes preferably on level ground, before you take them home.

The toe box (section for your toes) shouldn’t pinch and there should be a half inch between the end of the  shoe and your big toe. If the shoe is too lose at the heel, you can get blisters.

People with narrow feet can wear  an extra pair of socks if they can’t find a shoe with perfect fit. Also  don’t wear your laces too long. You can cut them to the right length and tie knots at the end or use lace  locks.  Experience has thought us that a too- long shoelace can trip a runner when he/she does not expect it.

If you can only afford one thing, buy decent running or sport-specific shoes. The rule is buy running  shoes for running, jogging and walking, stair climbing, and circuit weight training; buy sport-specific shoes  for the sport you want to engage in ( like tennis shoes for tennis), or buy cross training for aerobics, step  aerobics and aerobic dancing.

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Wear Clothes With Class

Would you ever exercise  in your corset and skin tight leather pants? Of course not! Why? Comfort rules! And  of course, you wouldn’t be able to move like you want. It is important to wear comfortable, stretchy,  weather-appropriate  clothing when exercising.

How do you feel when you walk into a gym wearing a stained tight, tight, torn gym clothes? All eyes would be  on you for all the wrong reasons! Fashionable, colourful exercise outfits will add fun to your workouts,   supporting your commitment and enthusiasm for the next session.

For ladies, you also need support under. Be sure that your bra has the proper lift for the size of your  breast. Sport bras are especially made for exercising. Compression-style bras hold the breast inward toward  the chest wall (similar to how they wrap women in the olden days).

These only work for small-or medium sized women. Full breasted women will prefer the encapsulation-style bras  that hold breast steady with seams or wire. Straps should be strong, with appropriate elasticity.

You don’t want your undergarment to chafe around the middle either. Wear your correct size.

Your exercise outfit will greatly enhance your fitness sessions. Purchase tops and bottoms in fabrics that  move well, breath, and dry quickly when wet, like polyester , wool blends, wool and wool blends.

When trying clothes on, give yourself plenty of room to move and breath. And of course, choose your  favourite, energy-producing colours!

Don’t forget the importance of socks. When colour coordinated, they complete your outfit. They also cushion  your feet and ankles and reduce rubbing at the sides and top of your feet. Look for wool and wool blends,  nylon and cotton blends.

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